Usability and Analytics

What are your site visitors and app users telling you about your business?  The traffic that hits your properties does their talking with their fingers–one click at a time.  Analytics helps shed light on the metrics that define what is actually happening during your marketing efforts.  Analytics provides the insights necessary to improve the properties’ usability–website, email newsletter, or app.  Today’s digital trends mandate that you get your usability right because both platforms like search engines and users now expect a great overall user experience.

How does it work?

Rank.Works will work with the business to define goals and translate them into analytics KPI’s.  Reports will be built and translated into actionable insights on a regular basis because metrics are meaningless if they lack actionable insights and reports hold no value if you cannot explain how to utilize them.  These insights will be assigned to specific on-site and marketing tasks to optimize property changes and marketing spend.