Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (frequently called SEM or PPC) is a practice of paid user acquisition, on a cost per-click basis on search engine networks.  SEM can take many forms but is often seen in the form of paid search ads at the very top and right column of search results pages.  Other forms of SEM can include:

  • Content network ads
  • Product listing ads
  • Display ads
  • Retargeting

How does it work?

Rank.Works will identify the potential keyword universe in your industry that applies to your business and the availabe landing page collateral.  Ads will be built and grouped into categories, which themselves will be grouped into campaigns in an effort to optimize campaign structure.  Bids will be set based on expected allowable marketing costs and optimized over time based on conversion and revenue metrics.  Rank.Works will ensure that conversions are properly tracked and organized via website analytics.  Rank.Works will then continually optimize campaigns utilizing the tools available within each ad network.

Rank.Works will recommend the best possible networks available.  Sometimes Google AdWords is just not the right fit for your business needs.